Welcome to Refuge LARP Calgary!

Refuge LARP Calgary is Calgary's local chapter of the international Refuge LARP. We are always looking for new players to join us in the magical Realms of Refuge!

Live Action Roleplaying, or LARPing, is a form of immersive, shared storytelling where Player Characters (PCs) shape the world created by the Plot team through their words and deeds. The Plot team populates this world with Non-Player Characters (NPCs) who may be there to help or hinder the PCs. NPCs can range from a friendly local baker to an evil dragon planning to destroy the kingdom. At LARP, combat happens in real time and uses a mix of physical skills combined with our fantasy rules to simulate things like special attacks or magic spells. LARPing requires some suspension of disbelief, but with a little imagination, you’ll be surprised how quickly you’re immersed in the story!

Refuge LARP is a high fantasy “boffer” LARP, named after the soft foam weapons used at our light contact games. We have a focus on "PCs vs. Environment" over "PC vs. PC" (but this doesn't mean that PCs can't have conflict). Our stories and lore are ever-changing as players shape the world around them with their actions.


New to LARP?

Getting into LARP may seem like a daunting and overwhelming experience. We've been there and we're here to help! Our friendly staff and players are happy to help. Below you can find more information on getting started.

New Player Info!


Create a Character!

Our LARP uses the Refuge Database for character creation and event registration. If you're having any issues using the database, contact us for help!

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Our Events

Below you can find a link detailing our local calendar of events. Each Refuge chapter runs their own campaigns and events, but Refuge characters can freely travel and be played in any other Refuge chapter. We even have occasional international and regional events!

Our Events

Our Guiding Principles

Refuge LARP strives to be a fun, exciting, and (most importantly) inclusive experience for all players!

Making LARP Welcoming

Refuge LARP aims to be the premiere event hosts in Canada and the USA. We pride ourselves in creating fun, inclusive, immersive, and entertaining events.


Diversity Committee

Refuge LARP has a Diversity Committee that works to ensure our rules, media, content, and more are inclusive to everyone. They help direct our designs and social media to reflect our core belief that all players are welcome.


Refuge Accountability Committee

We have created a committee that ensures accountability for all Refuge chapters. Whether that is investigating major rules violations, bylaw infractions, or allegations of abuse of power within a chapter, we have established an extra level of oversight to help protect the interests of our players to make a game that prioritizes equality and safety.


Code of Conduct, Consent, and Safety

Refuge LARP's Diversity and Accountability Committees have created a LARP-wide Code of Conduct that all Chapters adhere to. Refuge LARP Calgary also has its own Consent and Safety Agreement to ensure our game is a place where player boundaries and consent are respected. Links to these documents can be found under the Chapter Policies and Rulebooks links above.


LARPing Safely during COVID-19

The health and safety of our players is paramount. At this time, we are taking appropriate precautions in order to host events safely and have developed policies that apply to all players to minimize risks.

This includes requiring all participants to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Please see our COVID-19 Protocols under Chapter Policies for more details. If necessary, events will be cancelled to minimize transmission risk to our players and communities.